Reborn Lifelike Dolls—Articles of Interest

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Reborn Dolls Becoming Popular in Collectibles Scene

A recent trend among collectors and hobbyists alike is the creation of the more realistic looking, more lifelike, and closer to a human child looking doll. Indeed, the trend known as creating reborn dolls has been something that is creating a new market and craft for hobbymakers and other individuals across the collectable community. The ability to create lifelike dolls now more than ever is spreading among those craftspeople who have long tired of the typical dolls sold at retail....more

Ashton Drake Dolls Have Become Collectible Dolls

Toys have now evolved to more than sources of fun and games...more

Life-Like Reborn Babies Dolls

The newest trend in collecting circles are super life-like reborn babies dolls. Some are so life like you can't the difference between the reborn babies dolls and real babies until you are inches away!...more

Reborn Supplies - 5 Must-Have Supplies to Reborn a Lifelike Baby Doll

Imagine how proud you will feel to show off an unbelievable, lifelike doll that you transformed yourself! Not to mention that many "reborners" make a nice profit selling their dolls to people they know and on auction sites like eBay. Learn about the five reborn supplies you need to make your reborn doll as lifelike as possible....more