Reborn Supplies - 5 Must-Have Supplies to Reborn a Lifelike Baby Doll

By Michelle Berman

Reborning a beautiful baby doll is a rewarding craft where you breathe new life into a common toy. If done right, you will have an amazing reborn baby doll that will make people everywhere do a double take with surprise (that's not a real baby?!). Just think how proud you will feel to show off an adorable, lifelike doll that you transformed yourself. Not to mention that many "reborners" make a nice profit selling their dolls to people they know and on auction sites like eBay.

If you found this article because you were searching for information about reborn supplies, odds are that you already know what a reborn baby doll is. But for those who would like a bit more information, here is a summary for you.

Reborn Baby Dolls are a special kind of craft doll. They are made by hand, but not from scratch. Reborners, as people who "reborn" dolls are known, typically buy a finished vinyl play doll (as opposed to a doll made from porcelain or plastic) and customize the doll step-by-step to make it look as lifelike as possible. Some advanced reborners actually sculpt the doll face themselves to make it look more like a typically smooshed-up newborn baby's face, but there are a few toy manufacturers who make dolls with very lifelike faces that you can buy. Dolls by Berenguer are the dolls that are most commonly reborn. And that will start our list of the 5 Must Have Supplies To Reborn A Lifelike Baby Doll!

1.A Berenguer baby doll

They have realistic faces, and are made from vinyl which most closely resembles human skin. Some of the more expensive Berenguer dolls are made from a silicone-vinyl blend which is even MORE lifelike.

2.Genesis heat set paints

The most important step in reborning a doll is redoing the skin tone to make it look more realistic. As you probably know, most human newborns don't have uniform orangey peach skin like a doll. Their skin is very translucent, there are visible blood vessels, there is a purple undertone, there is a lot of pink. The best paints to use are Genesis Heat Set Paints. These are the paints that have proven to last the longest on vinyl dolls.

3.Mohair in a human hair color (brunette, blonde etc).

Some reborners use wigs on their dolls, but as you can imagine these don't result in the most realistic-looking babies. If you are just dabbling and making your first doll to see what you think of the process, by all means, try a wig to make the process go faster. But if you are serious about making a reborn doll that will truly look like a real newborn, you have to put the time and effort into hand-rooting the hair. This is most typically done with mohair that you can buy from reborn supplies shops online.

4.Polyglass babydoll eyes

If your doll is the open-eyed variety, you absolutely need to replace the factory eyes with some beautiful doll eyes that look real and have dimension. However, while it might be tempting to use some sparkling light blue eyes in your dolls, darker doll eyes usually give a reborn doll a more realistic look. The choice is yours of course, but dark eyes=more convincing is the general consensus among experienced reborners.

5.Weighting Beads: plastic or glass.

Have you ever watched a TV show where a character picks up a large gift-wrapped present, or let's say, something like a boulder, and you can clearly tell by how easily the person picks up the item that it's actually empty inside (or in the case of the boulder, a hollow fake)? You can just tell when something isn't the right weight. It's the same with reborn dolls. You don't want to put all that time and effort into making your reborn baby doll look lifelike if, when you pick it up, it's still the same flimsy weight as a hollow play doll. It won't look right to others and it won't feel right either. So you need to be sure to add weight to your doll with weighted beads placed inside the doll body and optionally inside the legs and arms.

Reborning a baby doll takes many more supplies than this, but these are the 5 crucial reborn supplies that will give you the edge in making a strikingly realistic reborn baby. To learn more go to
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