Lifelike Dolls by Linda Webb

Master doll artist Linda Webb is best-known for her infant dolls. Her desire to create lifelike infants can be traced back to the birth of her son and her desire capture the magic of his birth in her heart. Her work has won her the Dolls Award of Excellence sponsored by Doll Magazine, the DOTY award sponsored by Doll Reader Magazine, and the NALED Doll of the Year.

Warm to the Touch Doll

And Angels Danced Doll Linda Webb has done it again. This lifelike, realistic little girl is actually warm to the touch! She comes with a 'warming heart' heat pack to beccome a warm little bundle, snuggled contently ...more

Welcome Home—Linda Webb 25th Anniversary Doll

25th Anniversary Doll Welcome Home This charming little boy marks Ashton Drake Gallery's 25th anniversary. He slumbers in a 3-piece sleeper with a coordinating, satin-trimmed blanket. He even wears a tiny diaper ...more


Ashlyn Doll This beautiful sleeping baby has painted fingernails and toenails. She slumbers in a beautiful pink ensemble, and even wears a tiny diaper ...more

10 Inch Emmy

10 Inch Emmy Linda Webb's darling Emmy is now in an adorable 10 inch size, dressed in a sweet pink footed sleeper and purple sweater ...more


Emma Emma has fallen asleep in her lovely lilac outfit. With her blonde hair, beautiful wispy eyelashes, and flower buttons ...more

More Little Ones to Love Collection—Miniature Lifelike Emmy Doll

Here's Linda Webb's famous baby in a tiny, 10" size! This collection is the first-ever collection of So Truly Real® baby dolls in this miniature size. Each doll has all the delicate realism of real infants that you can cradle in your hands.

Tiny Miracles Emmy

Linda Webb's Tiny Miracle EmmyThe first Tiny Miracles baby doll in a miniature 10" size, Baby Emmy arrives in a sweet traveling outfit—a white footed sleeper paired with a classic pink baby sweater....more

Tiny Miracles Celebration of Life Emmy

Celebration of Life Emmy by Linda WebbHere's little Baby Emmy celebrating her first birthday.

She wears a pink sleeper under a white sweater that's trimmed with tiny ribbon roses and arrives with a FREE pink pacifier...more

Tiny Miracles And Angels Danced Emmy

Tiny Miracles And Angels Danced EmmyHere the tiny Emmy wears a cozy pink-and-white ensemble with tiny heart-shaped buttons and a pink bow ...more

Charlie, Anatomically Correct

Charlie Anatomically Correct Newborn DollThis sweet boy, dreaming away in his soft blue knitted outfit, is anatomically correct even down to his "outie" belly button! Nominated for both the Dolls Awards for Excellence and the DOTY Award, you won't want to miss this little newborn boy by Master Doll artist Linda Webb....more

Tiny Miracles Little Charlie Miniature

Tiny Miracles Little Charlie MiniatureIt's naptime for Charlie. Now, you can enjoy a snoozing bundle of boy in a collectible miniature baby boy doll created in an amazing 10-inch size! Linda Webb's realistic sculpt has been exactingly reproduced in a miniature baby boy doll that has Realtouch vinyl skin, a thick headful of brown hair, wispy eyelashes...more

Tiny Miracles Martha Viola

Linda Webb's Tiny Miracles Martha ViolaIt's Martha Viola in a miniature 10" size.

This realistic vinyl baby doll wears a pink sleeper and matching hooded sweater with a white ribbon tie-on trimmed with pompons...more

Tiny Miracles Harriet

Harriet Doll by Linda WebbThis adorable Tiny Miracles doll comes outfitted in a coordinating dress and pantaloons in pink-and-white gingham and a matching tie-on sun hat.

Expertly crafted of RealTouch baby-soft vinyl skin, this tiny lifelike baby doll has hand-rooted baby hair, delicate baby eyelashes and hand-painted fingernails and toenails...more