Black Lifelike Dolls

These lifelike black dolls are available exclusively from the Ashton Drake Galleries.

Jasmine by Waltraud Hanl

Baby Jasmine is the first So Truly Real black doll. Created by master doll artist Waltraud Hanl, Jasmine is sure to captivate you with her beautiful lifelike features.

Jasmine Goes to Grandmas

Jasmine Goes to GrandmasDressed in an adorable red and white check jumper, baby Jasmine is all ready to go to Grandma's house. Winner of the Dolls Award of Excellence, this beautifully handcrafted Jasmine lifelike doll is designed to lie in your arms just like a real baby...more

Jasmine at age 1 1/2

Jasmine At Age 1 and a HalfLook who's growing up! Baby Jasmine is 1 1/2, wearing a pullover and denim jumper. Her curly hair is colorful with a bright array of ribbons and scrunchies...more

Pretty in Pink Jasmine

Pretty in Pink JasmineSomebody's all dressed up for the holidays! Baby Jasmine's dress is made of fine velvet, satin, and lace. Her adorable little feet are graced with black patent leather Mary Janes....more

Tiny Miracles Jasmine

Tiny Miracles JasmineIt's sweet baby Jasmine in a miniature size. Dressed in a cozy red footed sleeper and white baby sweater, she's the first So Truly Real collectible African-American baby girl doll to be created in an amazing 10-inch size...more

Tiny Miracles Infant Jasmine

Tiny Miracles Infant JasmineJasmine in an adorable 10" size is back, this time with a white footed sleeper and red sweater...more

Tiny Miracles Deshawn

Black DeshawnThis sleepy little black baby boy looks so peaceful and content. Little baby Deshawn comes in a miniature 10-inch size, just right for snuggling in the palms of your hands...more

Tiny Miracles Kendall

Black KendallThis Tiny Miracles collectible lifelike black baby doll measures just 10" long. Little baby Kendall arrives wearing a 2-piece outfit that includes a pink snap-up sleeper with white collar and a snuggly pink sweater...more

Tiny Miracles Destiny

Black DestinyWith a meaningful name like Destiny, life holds exciting possibilities for this precious little girl! Measuring just 10" long, this Master Doll Artist Waltraud Hanl baby doll is just the right size to fit in the palm of your hand....more

Poseable Talia and Tasha

Black Talia and TashaTalia and her big sister Tasha are perfectly poseable. Each is constructed with locking joint armatures so they can stand, kneel and bend their knees and ankles. Wearing a cozy play outfit and sneakers, they even come with a little jumprope they can hold...more