Ashley Doll by Andrea Arcello

This beautiful infant by master doll artist Andrea Arcello is a So Truly Real lifelike doll from the Ashton Drake Galleries. She comes in two variations on the same sweet little girl.

Breathing Baby Ashley

Ashley Breathing DollNewborn baby Ashley (15 " long) is the very FIRST So Truly Real(TM) collectible vinyl doll that "breathes." Created by master doll artist Andrea Arcello, tiny baby Ashley's gentle, peaceful breathing will coax "oohs" and "ahhs" wherever you show her off. Her body is loosely jointed too, so she feels just like a real newborn infant in your arms. ...more

Tiny Miracles Baby Ashley

Tiny Miracles Breathing Ashley DollAt only 10", this happy infant is content to nap comfortably right in the palms of your hands. Like her bigger sister, she also "breathes" in a gentle rhythm, right before your eyes! This collectible realistic girl doll created by renowned Master Doll Artist Andrea Arcello arrives outfitted in a pink knit tee shirt...more